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Federal Highway Administration The United States Department of Transportation provides funding for the project.

Minnesota Population Center The Minnesota Population Center provides Information Technology support for the project.

NuStats NuStats provides data assistance for the project.

ICSPR ICPSR collaborates with our survey data storage.

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We would like to thank the following people whose inputs were really helpful in building this resource

Marty Altman, East-West Coordinating Council of Governments
Gerry Bogacz, New York Metropolitan Transportation Council
Alex Bourgau, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
Shi-Chiang, Florida DOT
Ken Cervenka, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Mike Conger, Knoxville Regional TPO
Vivek Deshpande, Former MTSA Staffer
Claudette E. Dillard , Atlanta Regional Commission
Mark Filipi, Twin Cities Metropolitan Council of Governments
Joseph F. Hacker, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
David T. Hartgen, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Charles Henry, New York Metropolitan Transportation Council
Qiang Hong, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments
Paul Kavanaugh, San Diego Association of Governments
Jeff Kerzner, MPC Staffer
Neil Kilgren, Puget Sound Regional Council
Ronald F.Kirby, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Ratna Korepella, Maricopa Association of Governments
Howard Mann, New York Metropolitan Transportation Council
Jared Lyle, Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research
Elaine Murakami, Department of Transportation
Mike Neidhart, Volusia County MPO
Pavithra Parthasarathi, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, Former MTSA Staffer
Gabriel Roth
Huiwei Shen, FDOT System Planning Office
Peter Stopher, University of Sydney, Australia
Cheng-I Tsai, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments
Brenard Yacobucci, Wilmington Area Planning Council
Ewa Zofka, Former MTSA Staffer