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Federal Highway Administration The United States Department of Transportation provides funding for the project.

Minnesota Population Center The Minnesota Population Center provides Information Technology support for the project.

NuStats NuStats provides data assistance for the project.

ICSPR ICPSR collaborates with our survey data storage.

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Purpose of MTSA

Surveys are important resources that provide us with valuable information about travel preferences or change in travel behavior of people, over a period of time, across the population. Surveys entail large investment both in terms of time and money. In order to maintain these valuable resources the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the Federal Highway Administration, both part of United States Department of Transportation, have funded a project at the University of Minnesota to develop a Metropolitan Travel Survey Archive to store, preserve, and make publicly available, via the internet, travel surveys conducted by metropolitan areas, states and localities.

Work has continued on the project over the past three years and as a result of cooperation from several agencies, we now have been able to post databases along with relevant documentation for many regions, see archive. The databases and the documentation can be obtained from this website. In addition to making these databases publicly available, we are also in the process of converting all the databases to a common format to enhance the readability and usability of each survey, so many surveys can be used online, see analyze.

Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, data for some of the surveys seems to have been lost. Further, there exist surveys for which we still have not been able to obtain data. We have enlisted surveys belonging to the former category under lost and the latter category as sought. We would be extremely grateful if you could help us locate data for the lost and sought surveys or for others that have not been listed on the website.

The results from the first year of the project, along with issues related to archiving travel survey data are provided in our reports page. Papers written by Yacov Zahavi, an instrumental figure in the development of travel surveys, are also provided here.

For any questions, clarifications or information related to the project, you can contact the principal investigator Dr. David Levinson.